Konsesjon er gitt og anlegget er klart for byggestart. Solparken skal bygges ut i to faser. Fase 1 blir på 1,8 MW. Når den er ferdigstilt, startes utbygnings-trinn 2. Samlet kapasitet blir på 8,3 MW ferdig utbygget.

Short description of Project "Solar plant on the island Rab"

The calculation of the project of the solar plant on the island Rab, municipality Lopar, is based on two phases.

Phase 1 includes a plot area of 23.000 m2 k.c.br. 1557/6 k.o. Lopar and a nominal capacity of 1,685-1,85 megawatts (1,15 megawatts connection power rating) to be installed. For phase 1 we have the building permit and feed-in prices of the project in total.

After completion of phase 1, the municipality of Lopar will approve phase 2 with a plot of 27 hectares and 50 years of concession. The planned installed nominal capacity would then amount to 8,315 megawatts during phase 2.

Phase 2 will only take place once phase 1 is completed. In phase 1 the construction costs are different, because the property clean-up has a higher cost. This is due to the rocky surface of a wave-like property to clean-up, so that a technical installation of the solar park is possible to make.